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About Camp Horror

Camp Horror is a film festival a little bit different from the rest. This festival came to life after The Roxy started its monthly horror film series “Trash Talk”, where trashy b-movies get their time to shine amongst the high indie art the theater is known for. After seeing how Missoula showed up to sell out films like “Tammy & The T-Rex”, we knew there was something special happening. So to honor that community and give it a place to grow, Camp Horror was born.

Camp Horror Film Festival strives to be a home for gory classics, while giving newer stories a platform. Add elements of live theater, comedy and d.i.y. spirit makes this fantasy summer camp give you tingles unlike anything else this side of Mt. Sentinel.


The Camp Horror Shorts Block Tour will include Open Captions for all screenings.

Please contact your local theater for all other assistance requests.

Shorts Block Line Up


John Howard (He/Him) – Montana

A group of working men take a job eradicating all pests on an abandoned property, and not everyone is happy about it.

DND Exorcism

Bobby Kirwan (He/Him) – Montana

A small group of friends meet up for their weekly game of Dungeons and Dragons. As they get into the game, it seems a visitor joins in.

The Island of the Resuscitated Dead

Domenico Montixi (He/Him) – Italy

A group of rough mercenaries, led by a provocative, ambiguous, female Doctor, an indomitable journalist and a stubborn girl, venture to a tropical island in search of a famous missing scientist.


Brandon Scullion (He/Him) – California

A recently injured man has a wild fever dream that a Giant Foot monster known as Footzilla is attacking Las Vegas and he must rise to the occasion and defeat it.

Violet Butterfield: Makeup Artist for the Dead

Brooke H. Cellars (She/They) – Louisiana

Set in the eerie yet alluring atmosphere of her mortuary, the story follows Violet as she anticipates a calm and uneventful evening. However, her expectations are quickly shattered when a new client enters her macabre domain.

Tornado County

Austin Valley (He/Him) – Montana

Follow Sheriff Gabriel Justice, Detective Mike Jackson and Deputy Buck, as they bring law and order to the good people of Tornado County, Montana. 

Bad Dog

Erin Malfi (She/Her) – Florida

A motorcycle riding dog must compete with the Grim Reaper to save his soul.

Yard Sale Fail

Heath Montgomery (He/Him) – Montana

Summer yard sales are supposed to be fun for everyone. But when one teen points out his neighbors sale is inaccessible, things get intense.

Sun Rubber Plexus

Ariel Hulfachor (She/Her) – California

Don’t eat fruit you find in caves. You didn’t know this, but you’ll always be safe in my mind. I’ll give you everything you need with everything that dwells inside me. Lovely, glittering earworm, you bring such vibrancy to my thoughts.

Charlie the Cancelled Skeleton

Joe Reilly – Idaho

Bitter about a film firing him as an actor for not allowing him to work from home, one man plots out for revenge on a horror film, successfully running a successful cancellation campaign against the film. Unbeknownst to him, however, is the film he cancelled might just be out to cancel him in return…

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Camp Sponsors

This project is supported by the Montana Arts Council,

a state agency funded by the State of Montana and the National Endowment for the Arts

About The Roxy

The Roxy Theater is Missoula’s Community Cinema. A non-profit arthouse venue, the Roxy hosts regular weekly screenings of award-winning new and classic films from around the world, simulcast live theater, special one-off screenings, community programs, and oddball events.

A unique historic venue with incredible resources, The Roxy houses three cinema screens with HD projection, 35 mm projection, state-of-the-art sound systems, two stages, a micro-cinema ‘The Annex’, and the Roxy Movie Garden – an outdoor space for films and live performance. Camp Horror embraces its home inside The Roxy Theater and as the heart of community cinema in Missoula, MT.

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