Returns August 25-26, 2023 at The Roxy Theater

Submissions for 2023 open Februrary 14th


About Camp Horror

Camp Horror is a film festival a little bit different from the rest. This festival came to life after The Roxy started its monthly horror film series “Trash Talk”, where trashy b-movies get their time to shine amongst the high indie art the theater is known for. After seeing how Missoula showed up to sell out films like “Tammy & The T-Rex”, we knew there was something special happening. So to honor that community and give it a place to grow, Camp Horror was born.

Camp Horror Film Festival strives to be a home for gorey classics, while giving newer stories a platform. Add elements of live theater, comedy and d.i.y. spirit, you’ll have all the pieces to the best fantasy summer camp this side of Mt. Sentinel.

Meet Your Camp Leaders


Head Lunch Lady/ Groundskeeper/Animal Wrangler


Hey brats. Let’s get things straight. I don’t like horror, movies, s’mores, parties, and I especially don’t like kids. So this is your one and only warning, STAY OUT OF MY FACE. If you for some dumb reason need me during camp, good luck finding me. I have jobs all over the place. If you for some dumb reason need to find me during off season, good luck finding me. I have jobs all over the place.

Charlotte Macorn

Communications Officer/
Girl’s Cabin Counselor


Hi Campers, it’s great to meet you. I’m Charley! I’m super excited to have you in my cabin this year for Camp Horror. We’re going to have so much fun watching movies, making crafts, and learning about nature! When I’m not here working at the best summer camp in existence, I spend my time as a writer, artist, and general weirdo. Please remember the number one rule of our cabin is NO BOYS ALLOWED (especially if he’s wearing a sack lunch on his head and carrying a bloody tent spike)

John Howard

Safety Officer/
Boy’s Cabin Counselor

john howard

Hello Campers!  I’m John. I have been a comedy camp counselor for over 11 years, but this is my second year at Camp Horror.  My loves in life are stand up comedy, improv, podcasting & filmmaking.  A couple of ground rules before camp starts!  1. No one outside their cabins after dark. 2.All knife blades must be smaller than 4 inches. 3. Camp fires are only allowed in regulated campfire only areas. 4. Drink water often, and don’t forget to pack a lunch. I can’t wait to meet all of you. This is going to be the best week of camp ever!!!

About The Roxy

The Roxy Theater is Missoula’s Community Cinema. A non-profit arthouse venue, the Roxy hosts regular weekly screenings of award-winning new and classic films from around the world, simulcast live theater, special one-off screenings, community programs, and oddball events.

A unique historic venue with incredible resources, The Roxy houses three cinema screens with HD projection, 35 mm projection, state-of-the-art sound systems, two stages, a micro-cinema ‘The Annex’, and the Roxy Movie Garden – an outdoor space for films and live performance. Camp Horror embraces its home inside The Roxy Theater and as the heart of community cinema in Missoula, MT.

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