Camp Horror Film Festival

Returns August 25-27, 2022 at The Roxy Theater

Camp Schedule of Activities

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About Camp Horror


Camp Horror is a film festival a little bit different from the rest. This festival came to life after The Roxy started its monthly horror film series “Trash Talk”, where trashy b-movies get their time to shine amongst the high indie art the theater is known for. After seeing how Missoula showed up to sell out films like “Tammy & The T-Rex”, we knew there was something special happening. So to honor that community and give it a place to grow, Camp Horror was born.

Camp Horror Film Festival strives to be a home for gorey classics, while giving newer stories a platform. Add elements of live theater, comedy and d.i.y. spirit, you’ll have all the pieces to the best fantasy summer camp this side of Mt. Sentinel.

Meet Your Camp Leaders

Solveig - Head Lunch Lady/ Groundskeeper/Animal Wrangler


Hey brats. Let's get things straight. I don't like horror, movies, s'mores, parties, and I especially don't like kids. So this is your one and only warning, STAY OUT OF MY FACE. If you for some dumb reason need me during camp, good luck finding me. I have jobs all over the place. If you for some dumb reason need to find me during off season, good luck finding me. I have jobs all over the place.

Charlotte Macorn - Communications Officer/Girl's Cabin Counselor


Hi Campers, it's great to meet you. I'm Charley! I'm super excited to have you in my cabin this year for Camp Horror. We're going to have so much fun watching movies, making crafts, and learning about nature! When I'm not here working at the best summer camp in existence, I spend my time as a writer, artist, and general weirdo. Please remember the number one rule of our cabin is NO BOYS ALLOWED (especially if he's wearing a sack lunch on his head and carrying a bloody tent spike)

John Howard - Safety Officer/Boy's Cabin Counselor

john howard

Hello Campers!  I'm John. I have been a comedy camp counselor for over 11 years, but this is my second year at Camp Horror.  My loves in life are stand up comedy, improv, podcasting & filmmaking.  A couple of ground rules before camp starts!  1. No one outside their cabins after dark. 2.All knife blades must be smaller than 4 inches. 3. Camp fires are only allowed in regulated campfire only areas. 4. Drink water often, and don't forget to pack a lunch. I can't wait to meet all of you. This is going to be the best week of camp ever!!!

Camp Tips & Tricks

  • Self care is important for a successful weekend at camp. Make sure to stay hydrated and always have a water bottle handy. Wear sunscreen when planning to be outside in the sun. Plan your meals. Eat before, or have an idea of local restaurants.
  • Familiarize yourself with the activities you are planning to attend. Have your tickets purchased, know where the activity is taking place.
  • Have all necessary documents ready. ID for beer sales, print tickets if necessary, bring Roxy Membership card if you have one and bring any medical information a counselor might need to know.  
  • Keep your camp badge with you at all times if you are interested in participating in Camp Pride. Camp Pride is completed when a camper has attended all 4 feature film activities (Pink Rabbit, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Slaughter Beach & Pieces). Campers that finish Camp Pride receive a handmade merit badge exclusive to this years festival.
  • If you find one of the many painted rocks hiding around the camp, turn it into a counselor for a special prize.
  • Keep an eye out for the Sack Lunch Slasher. Camp Horror is not responsible for any serial killer related accidents.  
  • Label your underwear to avoid confusion.

Pick Up & Drop Off

The Roxy Theater, Roxy Annex & Roxy Garden

718 S Higgins Ave, Missoula, MT 59801

Most events will be happening at The Roxy Theater. The Roxy Garden is accessed through the alley behind the theater, and the Roxy Annex is a small theater to the right of the main theater entrance. Parking in the senior center parking lot is okay when the center is closed. Which is usually after 5pm (except bingo night). Parking in the residential streets is also okay.

Visit The Roxy's website here.

OddPitch Brewing

1200 W Kent Ave Suite 103, Missoula, MT 59801

A little far away from the Theater, but a less than 5 minute drive. OddPitch Brewing will be the home of the festivals opening celebration, and a great place to hangout and play pinball all weekend long.

There is limited parking right outside the brewery, but plenty of parking across the street in The Tremper's Shopping Center (a.k.a. Albertsons).

Visit their website here.

Flipper's Casino & Tavern

125 S 3rd St W, Missoula, MT 59801

A quick walk from the Roxy, Flipper's is the official mess hall for camp. There is usually enough parking in the bar lot, or on the street. 

Food from open till about 9:45pm, beer all night long (2am curfew).

Visit their facebook here.

Camp Schedule of Activites

Sat. Aug. 20th

craft day

Craft Day

4pm The Roxy Garden

Sponsored by The Shirt Shop

Get excited for the big weekend by making all your festival merchandise by yourself. Meet up with your friends, have a beer and relax as you decorate t-shirts, make friendship bracelets and cut yourself a pair of jorts. 

This is a non-ticketed activity. First come first serve. 


Wed. Aug. 24th

opening party

Opening Celebration

6pm OddPitch Brewing

Get ready to party by partying with the official beer sponsor of the festival, OddPitch Brewing. Stop by and try the limited edition "Harbinger of Death" sour ale and go over your camp packing checklist with your friends. 

This is a non-ticketed activity. First come first serve. 


Thur. Aug. 25th

pink rabbit

Pink Rabbit

6pm The Roxy Theater

Sponsored by Harlow

In the spirit of field days, the film Pink Rabbit takes you all over for a fun adventure full of life skills. Such as: tricking confederate soldiers, tarot card reading, lying to the police and killing that weird pink bunny who's always following you. You can see him too, right?
Celebrate the reopening of camp with this activity that comes all the way from Berlin, followed by a recorded
Q & A with the filmmaker, Zetkin

Pink Rabbit is one of the four "Camp Pride" events required to earn the Camp Horror 2022 handmade merit badge.

This film will be  open captioned.

Reserve tickets for activity here!


Thur. Aug. 25th

spooky stories

Spooky Campfire Stories

9pm The Roxy Garden

Sponsored by Waterworks

Join some of Missoula's most infamous storytellers tell their painfully true (or not) scary stories. Find a comfy place on the camp grounds and hug your stuffed animals tight. It's going to be a long night.

This is a non-ticketed activity. First come first serve.


Fri. Aug. 26th

hike with mike

Hike with Mike

10am Meeting at The Roxy Theater


Meet camp daddy and Roxy Theater Executive Director Mike Steinberg & his dog Rue for a short hike at a local trailhead. Pack some snacks and meet at The Roxy.

This is a non-ticketed activity. First come first serve.


Fri. Aug. 26th


Shorts Block

6pm The Roxy Theater

Sponsored by OddPitch Brewing

See this year's line up of blue ribbon-winning arts & crafts projects from around the world. This activity features 13 short films that highlight everything filmmakers are learning in their hometown camps.

All films will be open captioned.

Although this event is free, campers still need to "purchase" a ticket through The Roxy Theater. 

Reserve tickets for activity here!

Fri. Aug. 26th


Rocky Horror Picture Show

9:30pm &  The Roxy Theater

Sponsored by Slant Street Records

The godfather of all things camp and horror. If you need a description of Rocky Horror Picture Show, then your camp counselors highly suggest you just buy a ticket for this activity.
 Campers are allowed to bring in participation items, but some will be included with your ticket.
Popcorn (instead of rice), newspaper, noise makers, cards and gloves will be provided.
Please note, if any camper is caught throwing items at the theater screen, they will be immediately expelled and have their parents called.
There are scholarships open for campers who'd like assistance paying for this activity. Email [email protected] for more information.
Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of the four "Camp Pride" events required to earn the Camp Horror 2022 handmade merit badge.

Reserve tickets for activity here!


Sat. Aug. 27th


BASE Camp Horror Shorts

2pm The Roxy Theater

Sponsored by BASE

Camp Horror has partnered with Summit Independent Living's program BASE to bring important viewpoints to the big screen. All films have been written, directed and shot by BASE campers with a focus on highlighting voices of filmmakers with disabilities.
Meet and celebrate your future camp leaders, followed by a Q & A.

All films will be open captioned. An ASL interpreter will be present.

Although this camp activity is free, campers still need to "purchase" a ticket through The Roxy Theater. 

Reserve tickets for activity here!


Sat. Aug. 27th


Live: Tommyknockin' Podcast

4pm The Roxy Annex

Camp Communications Coordinator Charlotte Macorn shows us what keeps her busy and spooky during the off season. Join Charley Macorn & Eliza Stormborn for a live recording of their Stephen King-themed podcast. 

Space for this event is very limited.

Check out Tommyknockin' here!

Reserve tickets for activity here!


Sat. Aug. 27th

slasher beach

Slaughter Beach

6pm The Roxy Theater

Sponsored by Flipper's Casino & Tavern

Feature film Slaughter Beach is filling the dad shaped hole in your heart by teaching campers all about fishing. Unlike boring days on the river with your mom's new boyfriend Jeff, this activity shows you how to handle a psycho killer fisherman with nothing but pure friendship.
This film will be projected in open caption.
Slaughter Beach is one of the four "Camp Pride" events required to earn the Camp Horror 2022 handmade merit badge.

Reserve tickets for activity here!

Sat. Aug. 27th


Pieces in 35mm

8pm The Roxy Theater

Sponsored by Frame of Mind

Camp Horror comes to a successful close by old school projecting the 1982 Spanish (but English language) classic Pieces. A standard slasher film that completely derails, ending with something you've never seen before.
Get a little worldly culture before packing your bags and going back home.
Pieces is one of the four "Camp Pride" events required to earn the Camp Horror 2022 handmade merit badge.

Reserve tickets for activity here! 


Sat. Aug. 27th

closing party

Closing Celebration 

10pm The Roxy Garden

Sponsored by Farmer's State Bank

Say goodbye to all the friends you made at camp and chill out after a hard weekend of learning. There will be s'mores, drinks and maybe even that psycho killer who's been stalking you the whole time will show up for a little photo op.

This is a non-ticketed activity. First come first serve. 


This Years Camp is Made Possible by

About The Roxy


The Roxy Theater is Missoula's Community Cinema. A non-profit arthouse venue, the Roxy hosts regular weekly screenings of award-winning new and classic films from around the world, simulcast live theater, special one-off screenings, community programs, and oddball events.

A unique historic venue with incredible resources, The Roxy houses three cinema screens with HD projection, 35 mm projection, state-of-the-art sound systems, two stages, a micro-cinema 'The Annex', and the Roxy Movie Garden - an outdoor space for films and live performance. Camp Horror embraces its home inside The Roxy Theater and as the heart of community cinema in Missoula, MT.

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