Horror Shorts Block

Class on Modern Storytelling

Saturday, August 28 at 5:00pm

We know the classics, but do we know the up and coming? This shorts block is packed with films from all wilderness paths of life. Animation, foreign language, scooters, it’s all here! This FREE camp activity is brought to you by our amazing sponsors at Imagine Nation Brewing.

Bull Mountain Lookout
Directed by Vanessa Newell, California
A horror comedy about a Girl Scout troop leader who discovers the terrifying truth about the legend of Bull Mountain.

Edgar Allan Poe’s THE MURDER HOUSE
Directed by Vincent DiCostanzo, Pennsylvania
It’s as if there’s an EVIL in this house.

Make A Wish
Directed by Dinh Thai, California
A light-hearted comedy about the sweetest fiancé giving her boyfriend the best birthday present ever.

Directed by Sara June, California
An elderly woman is haunted by a mysterious scooter.

Backward Creep
Directed by Christopher G. Moore, North Carolina
A group of cosplayers driving to an anime convention are haunted by a supernatural entity after reading a cursed manga.

Directed by Lorenz Wunderle, Switzerland
A coyote loses his wife and children from an attack of wolves. Anguished from human emotions he‘s trying to process the experience. Besides grief and delusion, evil takes up more and more space.

Directed by Jared Tipton, California
Greed comes in many shades – this one happens to be covered in crimson! It’s man versus woods in this 4-minute horror/comedy roller coaster ride.

The Lake Parasite
Directed by Joe Reilly, Idaho
Toxic waste runoff from a luxury resort creates a lake monster which wreaks havoc on the exclusive resort town.

Knock Knock
Directed by Kyle Peirson, Washington
A lone waitress closing up the bar hears a knock at the door.

Directed by Nina Shyne Alviar & Ben Jacobson, Montana
Moving into her new home, Cove discovers a small box that leads to a transformation she could’ve never imagined.

Directed by Robyn Ehrlich, Wisconsin
An experimental film made up of three distinct vignettes, A Period Piece is an exploration of the different ways blood is experienced by people who menstruate versus people who have never menstruated, and a deep-dive into the way menstruation is depicted in the media.

Directed by Alexandra Velasco & André Leshé, Mexico
When a depressed single guy finds out his gorgeous ex-girlfriend gets engaged during quarantine, he decides to confront her, stumbling into a nightmare he never saw coming.

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